Monitoring and Research

NetQuakes Network

Starting in 2009, in an effort to augment the number of seismic stations in Utah, UUSS has installed 13 NetQuakes instruments in the Utah region (and one instrument in Wyoming). To see the map distribution of the UUSS installed NetQuakes please check the USGS NetQuakes Map.

NetQuakes instruments are Linux-based internet appliances packaged with an inexpensive but high-quality triaxial MEMS accelerometer. The systems use Network Time Protocol to time stamp the data. The NetQuakes sytem is set to trigger if the ground motion exceeds a minimum level, and then makes contact with a server in Menlo Park, California, which pulls the data onto disk. For more information on NetQuakes and conditions to host an instrument please visit the

Image of NetQuakes Instrument

If you are interested in hosting a NetQuakes instrument at your home or business follow the link to the USGS Sign-up page. Click the Utah tab on the upper right above the map and check the areas where we are looking for instrument hosts.